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Neolegal was created in 2017 by lawyers on the observation that access to justice was too expensive, too long and too complicated.
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No hourly rate means you get more for your money, no matter the complexity of your case.
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Our lawyers serve you better by not looking at the clock.


Be accompanied from A to Z and follow everything in real time on your online portal.


Our firm has helped more than
35,000 people with a 95% satisfaction rate.

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Consulting a lawyer can help you know your rights in a specific situation, advise you on which legal process is best suited to your case, and understand the application of the laws in force in Quebec and Canada.

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Neolegal's lawyers are all members in good standing of the Quebec Bar. Each of them has been chosen for their ability to provide the best possible advice quickly and simply.

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What is your privacy policy?

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As a client of Neolegal, all information and communications with Neolegal are covered by professional secrecy.

Professional secrecy is the obligation of a professional not to share confidential information entrusted to him by a client.

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At Neolegal, we offer our services on a flat fee basis. Your legal fees will be much less expensive than in a traditional law firm.

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